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Hoob Hookah

Hoob Mars Space Grey

Hoob Mars Space Grey

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Hoob Mars Description

Mars from Classic Series hookahs was designed as balanced traditional hookah produced on modern CNC machines.

Hoob Mars design is a mix of traditional round forms of hookahs and the highest precision of modern 3D drawing methods of engineering. Hoob hookahs combines the best features of classic hookahs with advantages of hi-tech production.

It smokes like traditional hookah, but at the same time, Mars will show you how technologies can bring hookah experience to the new level of pleasure and comfort. Perfect Air Flow and Purging System.

Due to the modular design, the hookah can be transformed into a Mini version, which is convenient for travelling and outdoors.

No harmful coverings or any materials that can cause you damage. We care about your health and environment, that is why we use only clean materials and no paint.

Each hookah passes quality control before it goes to the customer, so we can offer you the finest quality hookahs on the market.

Hoob Mars Specifications

Anodized Aluminum hookah stem with stainless steel downstem pipe and glass base.

  • Grommet stem-to-base connection
  • Height: 72 cm
  • Downstem: Ø13 mm
  • Hose connectors: Ø10 mm
  • Magnetic hose connector
  • Purge valve with integrated handle holder
  • Optional adjustable diffuser
  • Grommet kit
  • Modular design
  • Wenge wood decorative element
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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is addictive.