Collection: Hookah Bases

The hookah base is a container that holds the water and sits at the bottom of the hookah stem. The base plays an important role in the hookah smoking experience as it helps to cool and filter the smoke before it's inhaled. Here are some things to consider when selecting a hookah base:

  1. Material: Hookah bases can be made of various materials, including glass, acrylic, and silicone. Glass bases are the most common and are favored for their durability and aesthetic appeal. Acrylic and silicone bases are less expensive and lightweight, but may not last as long as glass.

  2. Size: Hookah bases come in different sizes and shapes, with some being taller or wider than others. The size of the base can affect the amount of water needed and the overall stability of the hookah.

  3. Design: Hookah bases can feature various designs, patterns, and colors, adding to the aesthetic appeal of the hookah. Some bases also feature decorative elements such as etching or painting.

When using a hookah base, it's important to fill it with enough water to submerge the downstem, which helps to cool and filter the smoke. However, be careful not to overfill the base as this can cause water to enter the hose or bowl, ruining the session. It's also important to clean the base regularly to prevent buildup of residue and bacteria. Always handle the hookah base with care to avoid breakage or damage.