Collection: Hookah Foil and Mouth Tips

Hookah foil and mouth tips are accessories that are commonly used when smoking hookah. Here's a description of each:

  1. Hookah foil: Hookah foil is a thin, aluminum sheet that is placed over the bowl of the hookah before adding the shisha tobacco. The foil helps to distribute heat evenly and prevent the tobacco from burning. When using hookah foil, it's important to make sure that it's tight enough to create a seal, but not so tight that it touches the tobacco. You can purchase pre-cut hookah foil or cut your own from a roll.

  2. Hookah mouth tips: Hookah mouth tips are small, disposable tips that are placed on the end of the hose when smoking hookah. They are used to prevent the spread of germs and provide a clean, hygienic smoking experience. Hookah mouth tips can be made from plastic or silicone and come in different colors and designs. Some mouth tips have wider openings, which can help to enhance the flavor and draw of the smoke.

Both hookah foil and mouth tips are relatively inexpensive and can enhance your hookah smoking experience. It's important to use mouth tips when sharing a hookah with others to prevent the spread of germs. When using hookah foil, make sure to poke small holes in the top to allow air to flow through and heat to distribute evenly. Always use caution when handling hot coals and dispose of used mouth tips properly.