Collection: Tangiers Hookah Tobacco

Tangiers is a brand of shisha (hookah) tobacco that is popular among hookah enthusiasts. It is known for its strong flavor and high nicotine content. The company was founded in 2005 by Eric Hofmann and has since gained a loyal following among hookah smokers.

Tangiers tobacco is made using a unique process that involves hand-mixing and hand-packing the tobacco in small batches. The tobacco is then left to rest for several days before being sold, allowing the flavors to fully develop. Tangiers offers a wide range of flavors, including traditional favorites like mint, grape, and watermelon, as well as more unique flavors like horchata, Kashmir cherry, and cane mint.

It is important to note that Tangiers tobacco is not recommended for beginners or those with a low tolerance for nicotine. The brand is known for its strong, robust flavor and high nicotine content, which can be overwhelming for some smokers. It is also important to use proper smoking equipment and techniques when smoking Tangiers tobacco to avoid harshness or discomfort.