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Zahrah Hookah

Aeon - VYRO Spectre

Aeon - VYRO Spectre

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The VYRO SPECTRE is the hookah for everyone. With the blow-off switches, it offers over 17 different blow-offs from the beginning and thus exactly the blow-off style that suits you! Change the sleeves of the hookah and adapt the look of your SPECTRE as you wish. Whether it’s a classic epoxy resin look, a modern and simple look with the aluminum sleeves in black and white or as an hookah pipe. Be curious which sleeves will still be available, so that you will never get bored with your hookah. The VYRO SPECTRE is a compact plug-in hookah, where the aim of the development was to offer a hookah with the right blow-off for everyone, without having to modify the hookah.

Switch it up!
Choose your blow-off and change it as you like while smoking without having to change it. With over 17 standard blow-offs, there’s a favourit for everyone. All you have to do is turn the lower or upper blow-off switch. Magnets automatically lock it into the correct settings. (Option 2: The Spectre is equipped with two blow-off switches. This allows you to choose your blow-off style from over 17 variations. 
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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is addictive.