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Al Fakher (6 X 1000g) Bulk Shisha Tobacco Case

Al Fakher (6 X 1000g) Bulk Shisha Tobacco Case

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Leaders of the old school and the new, you're checking out one of the most popular shisha brands on the planet. Al Fakher is a traditional molasses brand that uses a blonde leaf cut of tobacco in their shisha meaning that the nicotine content will be relatively low and its versatile nature allows it to be packed and prepared in any hookah bowl on the market.

The strong, simple flavors allow for endless mix possibilities so you can create your own unique blends easily.

Each Al Fakher flavor will arrive in its own resealable 1000g tub that helps to lock in freshness and keep your shisha tasting superb. Depending on how you pack, you can get approximately 60-80 hookah sessions out of each tub.

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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is addictive.