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Kaloud Lotus® II Auris® Heat Management System

Kaloud Lotus® II Auris® Heat Management System

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he Kaloud Lotus® II Auris® is a Hookah Heat Management Device made of very high-quality Stainless Steel, which means you can preheat it. 

It is a Rich Golden color reminiscent of the sun reflecting off an azure sea on a bright summer's day.  Can you see the Unicorns frolicking in the surf?  Sigh if you must and feel the Love. 

The Kaloud Lotus® II Hookah Heat Management Device regulates the transfer of heat from charcoal to Shisha, and also works to reduce the ash, ultra-fine particles, and volatile gasses that pass from charcoal into Shisha making your clouds smoother, cleaner, tastier, longer-lasting. 

The Kaloud Lotus® II is a Patented work of art manufactured of the highest quality materials available using manufacturing technology typically reserved for the aerospace and medical industry. 

*This statement does not apply to counterfeit or copies.

US Patent No. 9,237,770 B2


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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is addictive.