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Overdozz Tobacco

Overdozz Tobacco 200g

Overdozz Tobacco 200g

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Overdozz is one of the leading urban tobacco brands committed to offering you a spree of flavors and fun during your hookah sessions. We have fused real fruit flavors from around the world in premium Virginia Tobacco Leaves, making a delicious gamut of Overdozz Hookah Tobacco.

Origin: Overdozz is a renowned urban tobacco brand instigated in America. Our artisan Shisha flavors will heighten your hookah session with rich and unique blends.

Tobacco: We prepare our tobacco with utmost precision, using finely chopped Virginia Tobacco leaves that will entangle you quickly.

Flavors: Overdozz brings you rich flavors of natural fruits worldwide. Explore the exotic world of tasty concoctions with our Shisha.

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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is addictive.