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Starbuzz Classic Line 1000G

Starbuzz Classic Line 1000G

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Discover the art of relaxation with the Starbuzz Classic Line – a tribute to the timeless hookah flavors. Each puff brings back old-school traditions from the heart of classic hookah culture. Our handpicked tobacco leaves are infused with a selection of the finest, purely authentic aromas, delivering a smooth, rich, and deeply satisfying smoke.


Blueberry Mint: A refreshing symphony of sweet, succulent blueberries and a whisper of cool mint. Each draw melds these two timeless flavors into a blissful escape, inviting you to a serene, flavor-filled haven.

Double Apple: The quintessential classic, Double Apple, dances on the palate with a blend of crisp red and tangy green apples, finished with a hint of anise. This flavor is the heart of traditional hookah lore.

Grape Mint: Grape Mint delivers a juicy grape essence perfectly paired with a frosty mint undertone. A balance of fruity and fresh that's simply irresistible.

Gum Mint: Chew on nostalgia with Gum Mint's comforting fusion of sweet, spearmint-infused bubblegum. It's a playful, invigorating flavor that rejuvenates the senses and revives the spirit.

Hot 69: A bold, spicy twist on the shisha experience. Hot 69 is an exotic blend that tingles the senses with its hot, sweet, and spicy undertones, perfect for those who dare to be adventurous.

Ice Watermelon: Dive into a cool, juicy slice of summer with Ice Watermelon. This flavor combines the fresh taste of ripe watermelon with an icy chill, offering a refreshing retreat with every puff.

Lemon Mint: Zesty lemon meets a burst of mint in this invigorating blend. Lemon Mint is a citrusy delight that cleanses the palate and enlivens your hookah tradition with its tangy, cool finish.

Mint: The classic Mint is a pure, unadulterated rush of crisp, cool freshness. It's a timeless staple, perfect for cleansing the palate or enhancing any hookah mixing adventure.

Orange Mint: Peel into zesty sunshine with Orange Mint's sweet, citrusy notes and a bracing minty backdrop. It's like a refreshing sip of an icy orangeade on a hot day.

Tropical Rush: Embark on an exotic getaway with Tropical Rush, a vibrant mélange of tropical fruits kissed by a cool mint breeze. It's an island vacation in every puff.


Indulge in the Classic Line, where every cloud is steeped in history and every session is an invitation to savor the legacy of the world's oldest and most revered shisha flavors. It's not just shisha; it's a storied journey through the very essence of hookah traditions. Welcome to the Starbuzz family, where the past is always present.

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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is addictive.