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Hookah John

The Knurl Hose v2 by HookahJohn

The Knurl Hose v2 by HookahJohn

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The Knurl Hose is finally here, after much R&D and R&D. Research and Development, and, Results and Delivery, by Hookah John.

This is the V2 which includes some changes, which you will see in the video, and now at a much more affordable price.

We have been working on this hose since 2017, and finally it is here.

This hose weighs 2 lbs fully assembled and is 75 inches long.

The handle alone is 15 inches and weighs 1.45 lbs.

This is the full set up, including handle, silicon hose, and hose adapter.

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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is addictive.